The World Is Mine, As Long As I Got A MacBook Pro

Apple is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. (Wikipedia)

Well, to be honest, that statement is just incomplete.

Apple is an American multinational corporation that sell DREAMS!

Let me get my point.

I grew up as a young kid during the 80’s, I used to play “hide & seek” with my brother in our father’s server room. My beloved dad was an italian entrepreneur with a vision who ran a small firm that developed softwares, my school mates used to stare at me when the teacher asked: “Massimo, what do your parents do for a living?”  I’ve been surrounded by computers since birth, those machines have been part of my life since day one.

I wish I was a computer wizard but I’m not, though I love technology.

Do you remember yourself as a kid, preparing some cookies for Santa, waking up early on Xmas day just to see if the old guy in red brought you what you asked?  Do you remember how excited you were unwrapping your presents? Do you still feel that sort of excitement today, when you power up your new tech toys for the first time? Sweet, so you know what I’m talking about!

There’s something completely different going on these days.

Apple is a multi billion cash machine and, like it or not, Steve Jobs is a genius. He took the game to a complete new level. This guys invented products that completely changed our life. It’s not about choosing wether if you like iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias or Android phones; it’s not about Windows vs Mac Os. This guy is playing in is own league. He set his company completely apart from all the others.

There’s no need to analyze Apple’s branding or marketing campaigns, I want to focus on their effects instead.

Let’s say it folks, when you get a new iPhone you feel great. An iMac could make you feel even better, but when you buy a MacBook Pro, you just feel: ALMIGHTY!

Why am I focusing on the MacBook Pro and not on the Mac Pro? Because it’s portable and as much powerful as his big brother, because inspiration can hit you in the strangest places and when the times call, you need to be able to work wherever you are.

They might all look the same, but when you power them up and enter the Matrix, you know you’re the one. You start touching the keyboard and new possibilities pop out! Things that were impossible, suddenly seem so easy to do. “My kingdom for a Mac!Would Richard III pronounce this word instead nowadays? I’m the Mac King, I can do everything. Call it AppleMania, MacEuphoria, MacReligion the result is that those who entered the AppleWorld have been affected in such an inspiring way.

Computer are amazing machines regardless of their manufacturers and operation systems. But I never felt like that with my pc, it never inspired me like this. The reason is that those two great guys, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, have always had two opposite way of thinking.

Is it possible to permeate an object with our spirit/enthusiasm? Well, someone says so:  “An object produced by the work of men, keep inside itself a part of their soul”. If we apply this theory to Apple products we can easily understand why they make us feel so excited when we use ‘em.

Because they’re permeated with the same visionary energy of Steve Jobs.

It’s in there, under the shiny cases of your favorite Apple toy.

Sell dreams, not products…well I guess that I’ve just bought one of those dreams and it really seems to work!

Keep rockin’

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